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CeCe’s Gourmet Seasoning

Established in Charleston, South Carolina, by our father Herman McIntosh, our family has created many recipes and seasonings since the early 1900’s. Lowcountry culture has influenced the creation of our flavorful seasonings. Our father modified and enhanced his low sodium seasonings after a health scare. Not wanting to sacrifice the great taste in foods we were accustomed to, he produced seasonings filled with flavors and spices without compromising his health. In fact, many omit salt and pepper altogether when using CeCe’s Gourmet Seasoning.

The avid beef eater just sprinkle a handful of CeCe’s Garlic Seasoning as a steak rub or in your hamburger and smell the aroma from your grill fill your neighborhood. Love vegetables even more by adding just a small pinch of spicy garlic in your ranch dressing as the final addition to give that garden salad a real kick. Seafood crab boils are a hit with any one of the flavors you prefer. Mix and match CeCe’s Gourmet Seasoning to compliment any dish. We guarantee once you try our seasonings you will be hooked. We guarantee your food won’t taste the same without CeCe’s Gourmet Seasoning.

We love our customers and know you will LOVE our products! If you are not satisfied with your CeCe’s Gourmet Seasoning, send it back to us with your receipt for a full refund! No questions asked!

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